Research and Training Fellowships

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The development of a training plan is a priority in Latin America and the Caribbean. Among the most important limitations of the region could be mentioned: the lack of human resources with advanced competences, and the isolation of important groups of the region regarding the international scientific community. These two limitations generally occur within two areas: new technologies, and in particular, biotechnology.

The huge changes and advances in knowledge demand continuous update. The shortage of material resources, the high costs of equipments used in biotechnology and the several disciplines that take part in biotechnological research are also limitations for the development of training plans for the human resource.

The strategies that this Programme implements in order to overcome the present limitations in the region are the improvement of abilities, skills and techniques, and the promotion of learning through the experiences of others.

Desire profile for Fellowship Candidates

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor degree.
  • Candidates must belong to an institution as fixed personnel.
  • Candidates must prove they have counterpart funds
  • The research and/or training internship period must cover from one to two months.
  • The institutes where the internship will be developed must be located in countries from Latin America or the Caribbean and must be registered on UNU-BIOLAC data base.
  • Please verify whether the institute in which you are interested is registered, if it is not, you can suggest its addition to our system through the following form.
  • The research and training must tackle a highly specialized area and must contribute to the research lines that are developed in the candidate’s institute.