Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is eligible for a fellowship?

    The fellowships granted by UNU-BIOLAC are for citizens from Latin America and the Caribbean. These are short-term fellowships for research and training in institutes located in the region (3 months max).
    In this sense, the fellowship does not cover doctoral studies but short-term training.

  • Where can take place training fellowships and / or academic activities?

    The activities funded by UNU-BIOLAC can only take place in institutes of Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Is it possible to apply for a grant from UNU-BIOLAC to attend a course?

    No, short-term fellowships offered by UNU-BIOLAC are primarily to conduct training of maximum three months in another country, not courses.

  • When does the application process occur?

    Open calls for applying to training fellowships and academic activities of UNU-BIOLAC are usually carried out from May to October each year.

  • What does the UNU-BIOLAC fellowship cover?

    The funding awarded provides: Allocation of a unique amount of 3000 USD where International airfare expenses and stipend (accommodation and meals) are included for the trainee. Life and accidents insurance during the period of research (max min 1 month 3 months). Monthly stipend of USD 500 for materials and laboratory fees, if requested by the mentor (also called Bench Fee) (min 1 month 3 months max).

  • What does Counterpart Funds refers to?

    This means that there is another institution financially supporting your research, so that you can afford other expenses that may arise during your stay.
    UNU-BIOLAC will not be responsible if the funds provided are not sufficient for the living expenses during the investigation, which is why, we need proof of Counterpart Funds.
    In this regard, the conveniences to use the facilities of an institute are not considered Counterpart Funds.

  • If I already opted for a fellowship and I was granted, could I apply again?

    Yes, you can re-apply 3 years after the fellowship was used and your application will be considered after the evaluation of the new proposals.